Pricing guidelines

Projects are evaluated and priced on an individual basis, based on how much work is required, the complexities of that work and timescale. All I can offer without meeting you and discussing your requirements in full detail are rough guidelines. This may help you evaluate my likely price against your budget.

Custom dressmaking is the most expensive process I undertake.

For this example, our garment is a wedding gown. Your special gown will be created from design to completion. Once your design has been signed off, your unique pattern will be drafted to fit your measurements, with multiple fittings and toiles (test garments) as part of the process to achieve a perfect fit. Your dress will then be made in your selected fabrics, with, again, multiple fittings during this process (this is because fine fabrics behave differently from the cotton I use for the toile) as we will need to reassess the fit as we go, making adjustments as required. Your dress will be completed to a couture finish and supplied steamed, on a padded hanger and with a wedding gown bag to protect it.

From £3000 + fabrics

Altering a bought wedding gown – the cost of these alterations vary, again, depending on what is needed and how easy the alteration will be for me to do. The most common alterations I deal with are shortening the hems and taking a dress in at the bodice.

Shortening a dress at the hem

From £30 per layer

Take in a formal gown bodice

From £90

Basic alterations to every day garments are also offered by Bluebell Design.

Shorten trousers

From £15

Replace a skirt zip

From £45